Blizzak LM005

Master your journey, all winter long

One of the best winter tyres for snow braking and traction
Awarded EU Label Grade A for its performance on wet roads

For cars/SUVs/4x4

Erreichen Sie Ihr Ziel - egal was der Winter bringt

Distinct grooves in the profile

Improve grip and traction on snow

One of the best ways to get grip in winter is to opt for a tire with grooves designed for winter conditions.
The grooves of the Blizzak LM005 are deeper and zigzag to evacuate water, slush and snow from the tire surface and thus get extra grip on snowy and humid roads.

Compound with NanoPro-Tech™

European label A note for wet grip

Independent tests have awarded Blizzak LM005 the European label A rating, the highest rating, for its excellent performance on wet roads.
The tire stops faster and adheres better to the road thanks to NanoPro-Tech™: a proprietary Bridgestone technology that contains grip particles to improve wet grip.

Special slats reducing braking distance

Shorter braking distance on winter roads

Braking is fundamental for safe winter driving, and tires with the right slats, small cuts in the tread, can make all the difference.
The Blizzak LM005 contains several 2D and 3D slats to increase its contact with the road and sink into snow and ice layers for maximum control.

Blizzak LM005 is a winter tyre designed for snow and wet conditions. This studless tyre is ideal for mild to moderate winter climates in Europe.